Installation and configuration on Mac computers

The procedures described below use OS X Terminal and Xquartz for interacting with ukkepuk.

Method: Connect with Terminal

  1. Download and install ‘Xquartz’ (
  2. Open OS X Terminal (Programma’s ▸ Hulpprogramma’s).
  3. Login with ssh -X -l (note: alternatively, you can use ssh -Y
    • -l is a letter not the number one (1)
    • Use your AUMC Username and password
    • If you get an error message then try:
      1. ssh -X
    • If this still doesn’t work then right-click on the ‘X’ of Xquartz, then select Programs à
    • Then again try to login with ssh -X -l username@IP or shh – X
  4. Provide your username and password
  5. Type ‘xclock &’. If you see a clock then everything is ok.

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