Computing in R (Amsterdam  UMC Doctoral School)

This course is part of the PhD course program of the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School.

  • Location: on-line (Zoom)
  • ECTS: 0.4
  • Teachers: Perry Moerland (coordinator), Aldo Jongejan, Michel Hof and Utkarsh Mahamune


R is a simple programming language for statistical computing. Due to its flexibility and the large variety of statistical functions available in R, it is a popular alternative for programs like SPSS. However, for a beginner mastering R can be rather difficult. This course helps the student to become familiar with the basics of R. After the course the student will be able to write short programs in R for basic (data) analyses and for plotting figures.

Scheduled dates

Edition 2: 14, 15, 17 and 18 March, 2022
Edition 3: 13, 14, 16 and 17 June, 2022

Register via the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School.

Schedule (March 2022 edition)

Location Day Time
Zoom Monday March 14, 2022 9-12am
Zoom Tuesday March 15, 2022 9-12am
Zoom Thursday March 17, 2022 9-12am
Zoom Friday March 18, 2022 9-12am

Course material (March 2022 edition)

Datasets for exercises

Information on R

  • R homepage
  • R and its packages can be downloaded from CRAN
  • Introductory material
    • Learn R interactively using swirl. Use their ‘R Programming’ course to refresh what you learnt in our course.
    • Datacamp offers several on-line courses at the beginner and intermediate level with lots of exercises
    • Cookbook for R offers many great examples
    • A short introduction to R with a nice list of common error messages (and how to maybe solve them) on the last page
    • Quick-R shows the commands to be used for many aspects of a statistical analysis, and has been useful information for experienced users of some other statistical packages
    • Documentation for R packages organized by topical domain