Single-cell genomics 2022 conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands

      On the 17th, 18th, and 19th of October 2022, Utkarsh Mahamune participated in the single-cell genomics 2022 conference held at Utrecht, Netherlands. He presented a poster about his work on the systematic evaluation of robustness to cell type mismatch of deconvolution methods for spatial transcriptomics data. Utkarsh shared his experiences at the conference and discussed the highlights from his perspective.

“The single-cell genomics 2022 conference was held in Utrecht this year, and everyone in the single-cell fraternity very much anticipated it. The conference was packed with pioneers and leading experts in the field, and thus even before knowing the entire program of the conference, the registrations were closed within a few weeks. Fortunately, my abstract was selected for poster presentation, so I got a confirmed seat at the conference. The sessions were designed to answer a specific question, like, how can the behavior of groups of thousands of single cells be analyzed and modeled? Or how can multimodal single-cell datasets be integrated? Or what can we learn about cell-cell interactions? This outline helped to understand the talks and put things into perspective efficiently.”

      He further added, “Researchers from around the world presented around 250 posters. The poster sessions were quite helpful in interacting with colleagues. These interactions will help me in improving my understanding of the field and have opened a few questions that I am now eager to find the answers to. Posters with topics other than mine were very interesting to follow and understand the development in the field. Overall I enjoyed being at the conference talking, listening, reading, writing, and observing everything happening around me.”